Birthday Checklist

Five days to go till my baby boy\’s 2nd birthday, hubby and I decided to throw a simple birthday party. But even a simple party requires a good planning and organization. Here\’s what I have and have not accomplished on my last week of to do list:

  1. Checked Guest list.
  2. Picked a party theme. (have it 2 mos. ago)
  3. Decide what games/ activities we\’ll be having
  4. Secure Items that need to be rent. Tables and chairs- check! Videoke?!!!!
  5. Plan the menu.
  6. Buy or order party supplies, decorations, party favors, and any other party supplies. Have bought some…
  7. Order cake. This is the best part! confirmed order of customized cake, based on party\’s theme! cute!
  8. Started the running the grocery list.
  9. Asked help from the RIGHT persons to cook. =D

  10. Bought birthday present and polo shirt for the birthday boy.

There.. almost done.

And here are my remaining task on the day/ before:

  1. Pick up the cake.
  2. Buy food and remaining grocery items.
  3. Make food that can be prepared ahead of time
  4. Decorate for the party.
  5. Have rented equipment delivered and set up.
  6. Pick up balloons.
  7. Prepare food for guests.
  8. Prepare for party favors.

Hope my Brandon enjoy his Thomas and Friends themed Party mommy\’s really excited!


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