Pedal Bike Go-Kart for Kids

My son, who\’s turning 2 this month watches F1 with his daddy, enjoys car ride, and already tried Kiddie bump car in Star City. I know its quite early for his age, but thats how it goes. Well, for a fact that he looks more of a 3-4 year old kid able him to do stuff for kids older than his age.

When he turns 1 we bought a twist car that he carelessly bump around the house and early morning when he wakes up, he eagerly wanted to go outside carrying his car.

And now that he\’s turning 2, our birthday gift for him is a go-kart foot pedal that he\’ll surely appreciates. The Kart box indicates that its perfect for ages 3-6 years, the unit looks sturdy and can accommodate up to 120 kgs! (mommy can try this one!) The steering wheels enables to direct the kart wherever he wants… And it surely means Hours of Fun!

I remember hearing some comments like, \”Don\’t buy kiddie cars for it will only taught the child to go outside anytime he wants, coz having it means playing outside most of the time.\” But we don\’t have second thought about this, kids will be kids… let them enjoy being playful adding a new heights of adventure during playtime.

But personally, I found reasons having the pedal kart for my child:

  • it allows him for a good start in the \”off road world\”.
  • allows coordination development for his leg movements to go faster when zooming around the drive way.
  • he won\’t have any clue he\’s getting exercised while driving around.
  • creates a fun environment that supports active play.
  • getting the kid out for a fresh air!

See? this surely promotes a healthy lifestyle for a child doing exercise in his own free will.
I love this buy, and a credit to my effortless shopping! clap! clap!


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