facebook ADDICTION

A real problem exists: Internet Addiction Disorder

Are you a certified Facebook addict? Read on…

If you have atleast 3 of the following signs, then you are one of them: 
  • you have multiple facebook windows opened at any one time (2 windows- normal), 5 or more windows
  • Obssessive thinking on what will you write in your wall.
  • All your social/ recreational activities are migrated to facebook.
  • You stop entertaining phone calls and insists that they can contact you through facebook chat.
  • Virtual walk through a park is your idea of a romantic date.
  • Every waking moment is spent on facebook
  • Spends more time/ it makes you impossible to sleep
  • Anxious if you are not able to harvest your crop.
  • Lots of uploaded pix.
I\’m sure you can add up more of the above mentioned signs of addiction. If some may claim that it does more harm than good, I would say that its a good social networking site, allowing us to have an updates from our circle of friends, and giving us the freedom to stalk in a nice way. =D

Needless to say, its a massive technology upgrade! So I think addiction is not that bad afterall, unless you are wasting most of your time, got things neglected, and it lessen your personal interaction.

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