Thomas and Friends Birthday Theme


It\’s my little boy\’s 2nd birthday! This Thomas cake creates the main attraction on this themed party, it\’s quite difficult to find the character starting from party plates, hats, and balloons. I inquired on Thomas balloons on our area, but I was told that the design wasn\’t available, and my only option is to order a customized Thomas balloon stamp for 300 pesos.

It\’s a bit expensive, so I decided to cross out the balloon design from the thomas party list, but managed to have the party invitation, party hats, and game prizes according to theme.  I ordered the party hats online from ann_collectibles c/o and got it delivered via jrs express on time.

Unfortunately, my order for 20pcs of party hats just got down to 6pcs due to unavailability of stocks. It was fun having that cheeky  little train on such an important occassion! The birthday boy opened gifts with enthusiasm, and was delighted to receive the Thomas Sodor Airport from my Officemates. (Thanks!)


Although I haven\’t completed the whole Thomas birthday stuff for this one, it was enjoyed by everyone especially mommies who readily aims for \”pabitin\” stuffed with candies, Thomas face towel, and toy cars.

Before the party ends, we surprised the birthday boy with a go kart for his race driving career… yay!

It was a simple, yet fun-filled celebration and I\’m looking forward for next year\’s birthday theme. Yeah, I enjoyed organizing themed party, so this is just the start of my yearly task. Yiheee…

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