Haircut at HairPlay

Earlier today, we went @ Hairplay for Brandon\’s haircut, and ofcourse, what else would tame and makes him sit still but Thomas Episodes on CD. (Anak, what\’s on Thomas ba?:-D) but I have to thank Thomas for this, definitely a job well done! A few minutes… and we\’re done. As I hit the payment counter I was devastated to notice a post that reads: Effective Feb. 17, Kid\’s Haircut will be P275 adding up P25 from the usual rate. How sad that on our next visit, that would be the official price, they have to increased due to economic situation, etc.
Well, fair enough- mommy wants the best. A quality haircut corresponds to a high professional rate. And i just don\’t wanna bring my child to a barber shop \’sa kanto\’, not yet! I think I\’m just too afraid coz he\’s not ready for another salon experience of that kind. My 2-year old son still needs special care and attention that\’s why we still prefer going back for this one.
Since the salon was the nearest in our place and the staff were all smiles and accomodating, this one\’s become my fave and recommended for mommies for their kids. I also got Brandon\’s 1st Haircut certificate from them with before and after shot for P450 at that time (Jan.20,\’09). I sooo love it! cute! people mistakenly see the pics as different kid, assuming that the one with long hair is a girl, they even joked of me having twin kids, for a boy and girl.

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