Thomas and Friends Addiction

As far as i remember, my child first noticed that cheeky little train when he was 7mos. old, his cute little eyes were easily glued in our television adoring Thomas\’ smiling face accompanied by a cheerful \”Peep!Peep!\” sounds and the \’rolling of eyes\’ as this little tikes makes their facial expressions.
Yes, \”and friends\” along with Thomas were Gordon, Henry, James, Emily, Percy, Edward, and Toby.
Four months before Brandon\’s 2nd birthday, I thought it would be Mickey Mouse themed party because he also enjoyed watching Mickey and Friends on Disney Channel as he dances on Mickey\’s \”Hotdog\” song, I excitedly makes his party invitation inspired by Mickey Mouse Themed Park and printed copies…. I have in mind the Party favors and decors that i can collect in preparation for this day. That was all easy for me, but not until he easily shifts from Mickey to Thomas. Efforts wasted. Got to start again from zero.
I started searching online for Thomas party stuff, and then redirected to forums wherein I found moms having the same dilemma searching for that \’Thomas\’ thing. I find it hard to complete my party listing that would make a special touch of Thomas on that day.
Never giving up on putting up my Thomas Theme, two weeks before the Bday, I successfully made an order for a customized cake design from Mavic, party hats from Anne, (Lucky for me there\’s 6pcs left), party invites and tarpaulin… Wow! thats basically added to my mommy Adventure, Thomas hunting. Now my child\’s addiction was technically on me.
Now, mommy loves to visit Thomas\’ site checking for collectible items I\’ve wanted to buy but turns out just adding up to my wish list. Daddy comfortly says that it will all wears out on time, and it just strucks to me as: \”Ok! So, let\’s see what\’s next addiction would be?\”

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