Another Baby

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As of this writing, my son is exactly 2years, 2mos. and 2 days old and according to my health provider, the minimum/ideal time frame between deliveries is 15mos. That means my body was way too much ready having enough time to regain strength and energy for the next healthy pregnancy.
And why the thought of this? It doesn\’t actually came up on me… it was gradually discussed at work. My officemates and even my Boss came up suggesting this one providing a small age gap from my first. As for me, there\’s no such thing as an ideal age gap, as long as I have relish my own sense of freedom as the baby years are behind, and considering things such as night-time waking, the costs…etc.
We\’re lucky having this opportunity to balance when another baby will come, I can carefully plan whenever we feel we are both ready to increase the already-heavy demands of being a parent. It makes sense to wait until we are confident on having another one. For the mean time, I\’ll just let my son enjoy attention from mommy and daddy (center, utmost!).
To be honest, i\’m really worried about the physical challenge of having two who needs so much of my time. =( Being a working mom, I know I needed to take lots of consideration before jumping into another responsibility.
I would love to have a baby girl on a year or two from now, allowing me to enjoy the luxury of spacing will surely prepare me for my next one.


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