Hanging with the Boys…

\”Yeah men!\”(bells, horns).
Hubby enjoys listening to these trio: Tony Toni, Slick Rick, and Sam YG on Magic 89.9 on their radio show \”Boys Night Out\” it was truly \’Hanging with the Boys\’ stuff which I will tag as like having FHM Mag on radio. Its on air every Monday thru Thursday from 6 to 10pm.

They have a certain topic every night; listeners can call on them to share their experiences or join their contest. And sometimes I got to listen to them doing some prank calls- I admit that its very entertaining and can really makes me laugh on their own \’trippings\’. This radio show is naughty and bold, but I think that\’s normal conversation among guys (still acceptable!). I don\’t get to listen regularly on this show, I guess there\’s so much more segments that makes them popular and makes them the hottest radio station! (thumbs up!).

Im not an avid fan, I just have my chance of listening on Magic when my husband drove me off to work when im on night shift schedule. Our conversation merely on what the radio jocks were saying, or comments about funny things said on air. My chance of listening lasts only for about an hour of laughter and \’kulitan\’…


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