Spider Surprise

Whoa! felt guilty using a plastic spider toy on my toddler to make him stop from insisting what he wants. When he wanted to go outside- I put the spider on our door, and acts really scared then he stops and can\’t even go near it.
Bath time and can\’t get him out of the water, then I have no choice but get that plastic spider  and make it crawl up on his bath toys.
Giving him something to fear to follow my order, (i know!) is definitely a bad idea. But I am excusing myself for using this one until I came up with a good toddler discipline approach that works, emphasizing who is actually \”in charge\” at home.
What I am planning  is the \”time-out\” approach that  requires explaining and reinforcing principles over and over, time and time again. But he\’s still too young to understand this concept.
While\” spanking\” is another form and quite effective when done in the proper manner- it  shouldn\’t be my option, because sometimes it does not produce the desired results of learning. And I don\’t want him to be afraid of mommy and not learning to respect authority in this way.
I wanted to ensure the proper training discipline letting him know that I  care and just wanted him to know right from wrong. I know it would be a lot easier when he turns 3. As for now mommy is learning to give a firm \”NO\” giving him a quick explanation, and a  help from a plastic spider during those \”out of control situations\”.
Oh, I promise to get rid of the spiders, the soonest! (really sorry…).

One response to “Spider Surprise”

  1. yup plastic spider helps a little but not a good idea, coz it cause him some trauma. i dont recommend spanking too, sometimes it leads the kid to either have fear on who spanks them or do more of the 'getting attention'. talking nicely and qick explanation is the best. and hey, he is on a stage of what they call Terrible Two 🙂


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