the dream of becoming a SAHM

Yup! the dream of becoming a Stay at Home Mom (or Sexy and Hot Momma?joke!) a realization that it can only be a dream at this point of time. SAHM\’s are being at home for that fufilling role of a 100% dedicated mother, and a wife plus extra roles of being a housekeeper, errand person, maid, cook, etc…(i\’m sure there\’s so much more!)
 I just love the part of being with the kid mostly of my time, and the house work? Well, I also did most of these things on my spare time or my day off at work. Same duties and responsibilities actually, but the mere fact of not getting a job salary saddens me. I am happy having my own way of help in our financials, so a total shift of priority from a working mom to SAHM is completely a dream coming true maybe 10 years from now.

So You Want to Be a Stay-At-Home Mom

The Stay-at-Home Mom: For Women at Home And Those Who Want to Be


2 responses to “the dream of becoming a SAHM”

  1. Being a working mom can be hard, but it has a lot of benefits. However, a lot of sacrifices on your part and it may eventually take its toll on you. Lack of sleep, continuous stress, etc. Lots of willpower to stay as a working mom and the promise of being a SAHM (like you said) is just so appealing and remains a distant dream.Work towards it though. My opinion, though I don't know how much you would weight it since I don't have MY own family yet, is that you should work closer to your SAHM goal when Brandon turns 5 and up. For me, it's the most crucial little boy years and maybe by that time you'd have your second baby. q=I speak on this based on my own experience. Raised by a single working parent, I was often left under the care of the household helps. I don't know what values were freaking formed at that time, all I could recall was I was eating ants. Haha. But it's nice to have a goal… We will see…


  2. Right toots, we will see.anyway, i like ur comment(pls read in our office slang). Eating ants? Oh my, sure you've been through a lot! Well, gotta get that dream SAHM the soonest time.*wink


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