Thomas and Friends Bedsheet

Here\’s an addition to mommy\’s Thomas Addiction: Our Queen Size fitted sheet! I ordered it from my office colleague and when i got home, I excitedly changed our bedsheet with this one. Brandon got really excited and  jumped in adoring thomas prints he even pointed out the other side of the bed uttering words that based on mommy\’s translation saying– \”Kindly hurry putting up the bed cover please?\”
Though it got one flaw!
My Brandon noticed that the railway is broken… he\’s very disappointed, complaining and asking daddy to fix it up! An observation coming from my toddler, hey! he has a good point. How can the trains move around having just 1track each?
Daddy easily  divert his attention by getting his Thomas tracks letting him play his train with \’no broken\’ railways. Problem solved. (Y\’ey!)

2 responses to “Thomas and Friends Bedsheet”

  1. At least Brandon's showing signs of being very observant, which could be a good indication that he is leaning on the + IQ side. Also observe his dreams, especially when he reaches 3 and above. Does he have many dreams? Does he remember them? That is highly linked to his future intellectual capacity.


  2. Will do that! For now, I have a hard time getting him focused to learn his ABC's, but atleast he can easily identify and point out the letter 'O' when asked him to find one…=D


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