Toddler\’s Pretend Play

One of the important teaching tool to develop toddler\’s imagination is by encouraging the child to develop his pretend play abilities using household items around us. Its a way of thinking outside the box by using common objects to represent real things in life. Below is B\’s imaginative pretend play activity with daddy:

Yup! Got it right! what else but Brandon pretending to be Thomas the cheeky train. He even goes \”chooo- choo\” as he crosses his railway. Its a good starting point of his imaginative play skills and  bonding time with daddy. This is one of my toddler\’s pretend play allowing him to express his own little world inside to the real world. This is represents a way of walking on someone else\’s shoes, learning and discovering things while playing. Pretend play helps    him nurture his  imagination, builds social and emotional skills, as he actively experiments other roles in life.


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