Mommy Guilt

Just have a chat with my friends yesterday catching updates with our busy lives… one of them discussed her problem with her high paying but demanding job. Trying to balance work, home, and calculating the time spent with our child was a common difficulty for working moms like us who feels like there aren\’t enough hours in the day.
While having a career is a great freedom and enjoyable, there\’s definitely have its down side. Having more time for work and less at home is a battle that we face each day in life. Issues on child care, missing out special moments, and guilt arises.
Anyway, its a choice that we carefully made right from the start and feels good and happy about it, until guilt comes along. It easily brings exhaustion and frustration — when it strikes on me, I take time reminding myself of all the benefits my work is giving me in terms of career advancement, continuous learning and  financials. Then I stop whining about it.
A career expert once said that \”the concern of working moms was \’balance;\’ now it\’s shifted to: \’how can I make sure I don\’t lose my job?\’ The best way to manage the fear is to consider what your \’Plan B\’ would be if you were to lose your job.\”  And what would be my Plan B? Im afraid it doesn\’t exist. I don\’t have enough savings to help cover our growing expenses and that scared me most.

A good insight to realized and accept things as they were.
Mommy Guilt: Learn to Worry Less, Focus on What Matters Most, and Raise Happier Kids


2 responses to “Mommy Guilt”

  1. Well, Mommy Einz, I'm afraid this is one of those \”damned if you do, damned if you don't\” scenarios where you are left with two choices with each having their own sever consequence/s. Quite frankly, practicality is key to these hard times and I believe you've made the right decision. It's also going to haunt you though during moments where you thought that *you should have been there* and it will continue to haunt you in the future. (Especially if you have another baby) But fret not, for you have simply chosen the option that will most benefit your family.I'm continuously amazed by working moms. For me, they are the most wonderful people to learn life with (next to Angel Locsin) because of how they balance their family and life. The sacrifices a working mom does is no laughing matter and it will slowly take its toll on the body but they still get the job done in order to give their family a good future.I will continue to be amazed.Now that you are in this situation for a long time, you should no longer feel guilty about your choice. Like I said, you have simply chosen the best option and no one will hold that against you. You will not forever be a working mom though, as God will help and see that your will is good.


  2. Wow! Thanks for a very comforting message Jaycee… by the way, it also amazed me– of you having the heart to feel the difficulty that only moms truly understand, you have a gift dwelling on people's emotion as if you're also experiencing the same dilemma.


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