Spider Surprise No more

Today, I\’m officially saying goodbye from the help of my  plastic spider  for one obvious reason– my child\’s discovery and distinction of what\’s real from whats\’s not.
Its definitely a  great stride in his physical and cognitive development as a child as he confidently and bravely face his fears and a time for mommy to come up with a good strategy for him to follow orders. This little boy cannot be tricked anymore! I remember one time when he\’s asking for a softdrinks, I gave him water instead– he pours down the water in our kitchen sink and angrily repeats, Cooooke!!! He knows what he wanted and still having his normal  inquisitiveness and willful disobedience.
For now, I have to stick with my consistent reactions and more patience when I catch him doing things I normally doesn\’t allow as he gleefully push to the limits. But I am more happy to think that at the age of 3, that\’s the best time he\’ll appreciate the need to follow rules.

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