Eye Infection

The seven days treatment period of Pedia Doc\’s prescription of  Fucithalmic Drops is over, this is the second time my kid experienced having  sore, red and sticky eyes. For about two days  there is a lot of pus or watering from his eyes and Pedia still recommend this opthalmic drops for the topical treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis where the organism is known to be sensitive to the antibiotic.
Most cases of this eye infection cleared up within six to seven days, but the medication makes my kid recover fast, 3 days and his eyes were clear but as prescribed, we have to continue giving drops for both eyes- two times a day for seven days even if eyes seems return to normal to make sure that eyes were completely free from bacterial infection.
 There are three types of  Conjunctivitis Infection:
(1) Viral Conjunctivitis – often only in one eye, the discharge is usually clear, generally mild and can go away on its own but contagious.
(2) Bacterial- there is tearing, stinging and sensitivity when exposed to light, have yellowish discharge, and often affect both eyes.
(3) Allergic – affects both eyes, there is itching and redness.
Based on the given Med. Cert, our case falls under Allergic Conjunctivitis, but I think its a combination of both Bacterial and Allergic based on the defined symptoms.
This eye drops really help control my child\’s eye infection problem I also recommend  Similasan Pink Eye Relief Eye Drops, .33-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3).

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