Summer Fun

The El Niño phenomenon is here! according to weather forecasters: expect a longer, hotter summer that could stretch until June and can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius. With the onset of summer season this month, a sudden change of climate for the past two days occurs, I was on my last day of 3rd shift duty last Thursday (on my sleeping day off sked) and as I went home, a cloudy sky welcomes me.
This climate change gives us an idea of a fun swim activity making our spur of the moment plan of the day. Happy to know that my Brandon can use the new swimwear (short sleeved float suit) that we bought last month.

After packing our things, we bought lunch from nearby street and off we go for a 45-minute drive to  Sta. Rosa, Laguna for a good swim.
Thanks to a cloudy sky making us enjoy the water free from sun heat. We take turns carefully watching my Brandon  go walking around the kiddie pool as he enjoyed his \’water playing\’ and splashing. I lso had fun enjoying my water relaxation (and practice of my swimming skills =)considering I haven\’t sleep a bit coming  straight from my office duty.


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