Domestic Duties

Another day of my Blog walking, I get to visit  Maruism \’s blog with her topic: SMS Jokes 65, I found a funny and half meant joke that reads:
\”A wife at a wishing well. “I wish for no house work, no cooking, no cleaning, no washing and live a relaxed life.”
POOF! Surprised, she became a husband!\”
Honestly, next to conflict over money issues in  marriage is the conflict over domestic duties or household chores. Its really not fair having uncooperative husband while others are quite fortunate to have a partner who does his share of work.
I know that duties between husband and wife are completely different, you can\’t expect a husband to do all the things that a wife can do, getting him to help is the best idea to get  out of this mess.
As for me, (most wife can relate to this!) my partner\’s help mode was a common situation of him doing things what he feels like doing at times he feels like it.
Men do a lot less compared to their wives– sadly true.
\”Be glad and contented even for a little help he does\” (have to repeat to myself over and over).

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