Meal Time!

Toddler\’s are naturally picky eaters, most of the time they tend to refuse trying foods that are not familiar with them. My Brandon usually take a small bite when introduced to a new food– he can now decide which food to take making his own \”taste test\”. He have this own discernment and reject foods that doesn\’t pass on his taste standards.
When he turns two, I finally let him enjoy the same meals that we eat, but ofcourse, we have to be a role model of eating healthy foods.  Given a wide variety of  food choices, good thing he learns to established a healthy eating habit. He loves to eat fish, rice, chicken, fruits, and take just a right amount of sweets. Then after every meal, he willingly brush his teeth and cooperatively stick out his tounge for easy cleaning.
We never had a hard feeding time, its a sure table mess but i\’m glad it creates a fun meal time for my toddler as we continue to offer new nutritional foods.

2 responses to “Meal Time!”

  1. I know what you mean about setting a good example. I've actually stopped drinking coke and eating chichirya so my daughter doesn't take up that habit. It's win-win for both of us! 🙂


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