Toddlers on house help

I remember when my child was only 1 year old, he dramatically imitates mommy on sweeping the floor finding a nice time \’helping\’ on house hold chores. He roam around the house sweeping the floor making this cleaning up his play time, that was after dinner and I guess  he got really tired of doing this for he wakes up late in the morning.
As a toddler, he doesn\’t want to get neglected and want to get involve in everything that his parents are doing. Here\’s a captured moment of B doing his part helping daddy wash the car.
And ofcourse he never did forget washing his own \’car\’.
Happy to know that allowing him doing such task and responsibility creates a sense of pride and indepence, based on what I have read  (c/o Martha Edens): Toddlers who are given responsibilities are likely to have a higher self esteem and more self confidence than those toddlers who are never allowed to do for themselves or contribute to the household.
We, as parents just have to make a close supervision towards every little thing.

10 responses to “Toddlers on house help”

  1. He looks so cute and yet a \”big boy\” washing his dad's car and his own car. You are right, involve your children to activities that you normally do so they will learn what responsibility as at an early age.


  2. yup! and its a good starting point for a child to be aware of a person's duties and responsibilities. I do hope he will carry it on as he grows up! considering having a good start up foundation at this early age.I'm excited to show this (my online journal) to my child where he can read his progress and realizes to continue being a good boy.


  3. Hi dearie! Thanks for following my blog. *hugs*Brandon looks so cute. My 18-month old daughter loves grabbing our house broom and pretends sweeping our floor. She even gets tissue paper and wipes the mess off our floor whenever she sees one. Haha! And yes, I agree with you. Allowing our children to do such \”tasks\” will help them become more responsible when they grow up.Lots of love,


  4. Very true. Even I, trained my kids early — in a way that they would have fun too. I sometimes let them decide what to wear and what to buy for themselves. It would make them more confident at the same independent.BTW, your little man really looks like a man doing the car cleaning. Adorable! Have a nice day!Butteryfly


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