B-Bums Hair cut sevice for Kids

I decided to try B-Bums hair cut service (in Alabang Town Center)  for my toddler, it costs us Php200 which is Php75 cheaper compared to HairPlay in Festival Mall. They do have  toys to use for diverting a kid\’s attention during the cutting session, gives a free lollipop, and we\’ve got to choose what cartoon video to play (they don\’t have any Thomas Tank Engine though).

Done, a nice clean cut for my little boy. =)
I strongly recommend their expertise, plus  their professional approach and friendly environment (thumbs up!).

Update: B-Bums is now located at the 2nd level, near Speedo/Shakeys.

UPDATE 02.28.2015: Kids\’ Haircut for Php250.


3 responses to “B-Bums Hair cut sevice for Kids”

  1. This shop is not there anymore! help! does anyone know where they moved? Ate there cuts hair really fast but still makes our baby look good and without her making a ruckus about it.


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