Another OB visit

Urinary tract infection (UTI)  is a common bacterial infection found in most women that can be easily treated with a short course of anti- biotics. Symptoms include frequent feeling and/or need to urinate, pain during urination, and cloudy urine. (source: Wikipedia).
Based from personal experience while having this bacterial infection, there was no discomfort at all- I just take the proper medication and repeat my urinalysis to monitor the bacterial count and pus cells should range from 0-5, otherwise I need to continue medication treatment as advised.
Last week, I visited my OBGyne- UTI was resolved but my TransV Ultrasound indicates \’polycystic ovaries\’ condition, that bothers me at first because having to hear the word \’cysts\’ easily links to serious cases of cancer and surgical operations. But then again, I was easily relieved when my Doctor said that I just need to take medication to stop the abnormal Uterine bleeding and should start to take pills (Diane 35) on the first day of my next menstrual period as effective hormonal regimes on this condition.

Polycystic Ovary Disease is defined as a condition in which there are many small cysts in the ovaries, which can affect a woman\’s ability to get pregnant…(Oh no!) This is the first thing I cleared with my OB and she comfortly says that if I decided to have my next pregnancy then we\’ll just support it with the right medical treatments/ medication if difficulty occurs.
Right now, im on my 2nd week having this abnormal bleeding and prescribed to take Duphaston twice a day for another week to help  regulate hormonal imbalances–specifically, progesterone deficiency. Nothing serious, that\’s what I am keeping  in mind, and ofcourse, prayer is my best shield against all life challenges…

3 responses to “Another OB visit”

  1. I just wanna share that I also have polycystic ovary disease..ever since Highschool I have a huge downfall of menstruation and usually I have \”tagos\” so last year, I was only 17 years old and I have this kind of disease. They let me take a althea pills to lessen the abnormal menstruation cycle. Because if it goes on..They might need to \”raspa\” my *.I'm afraid and scared. I just want to share this because I am really innocent and I don't know what to do. Is this really serious? Let's pray prayer is the best medicine


  2. As I've talked to my OB, nothing serious naman ang assesment nya. I also asked if what's the cause-she says my prolactin result's in normal range, sometimes it just occurs lang daw.Don't cha worry, you just have to follow proper medication. I was scheduled to check on my OB after 3mos. to monitor my case. Hopefully, ma-clear na from cysts after months of taking pills.


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