Mommy Moments: Motherly Advice

It is true that we can only understand  every little aspect of being a mother only when the time that we have become one.  Way back then, I  never realize how agonizing the pain it brings to a mother when her child experiences his own down-fall, be it by just a small disappointment over things, or heartaches that life brings can struck a doubling pain for every mother. 
My mom never speaks of her emotions, she \’s not the type who sits beside you to share her thoughts and inner feelings or discuss the pros and cons of our every action. Though we had a serious talks regarding things, but only when it\’s going on its  worst and mistakes have already been made. There\’s a part of me which says, she should\’ve told me its going to happen, or simply restricts me, or should\’ve shaken me hard enough to be back on my sanity that will surely save me from my own disgrace. Now I realize that its not my mother\’s fault, but my own. I should\’ve been more careful with  my decisions and good enough to do things that will surely make my parents more proud of me. I shouldn\’t waited to be told of what a daughter\’s responsibility or payback to my parents\’ goodness and hardships. 
As an adult, I now realized – its not my mother\’s fault  whom I think wasn\’t telling me things that shoud\’ve been done, its just me who was simply not listening…
As a mother, I now realized that its my unconditional love for  my child that makes me who I am now, a transformed being,  a tough and enduring person who\’s ready to face life\’s challenges with a winning attitude.
An advice for children:  Listen to what your mom was saying, that\’s for your own good, and yes, she always know what\’s best. And here\’s a mother\’s law to ponder: \”Never forget who rocked you as a baby. That\’s something else you will never be able to repay her for.\”
And for all the mothers: Be your son/daughter\’s bestfriend/confidant, be the first to know their success, encourage them to be at their best and always be there to catch and inspire them.
Me & my Mom-======- My Mom & My son

mommy moments

HAPPY MOTHER\’s DAY Mommies!!!

4 responses to “Mommy Moments: Motherly Advice”

  1. What a lovely collage! Your mom looks like you when she was your age.. 🙂 I agree, mom's give the best advices, we just don't listen..


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