Sticking Together

Last night, my B dig in my old stuff and found this  personalized name sticker pinned in my old book and began sticking them into his body.

He\’s having a great time seeing colorful bandages in his body. Hmn… I used to put those stickers in my personal belongings like my fave books, pen, or any \”mine-stuff\”, now seeing him having my sticker tags made me smile and silently whisper to myself: \”I wished my little boy was mine forever\”. But reality is, sooner he\’ll began to have his own discovery and make his own life.
He will then court a girl, have some relationships and then get married, making me not the only woman in her life… Haha! i know that\’s way too far from now, but my little baby boy was still my little baby that I once held in my arms. All I have now is to savour every baby moment down to his crucial teenage years to becoming an adult responsible person and  never forget to take photos to document this every special moment.
This little boy will always be my little baby even if he grows up 6-feet tall just like his daddy… (*wink)

8 responses to “Sticking Together”

  1. let cherish every moment with our kids. time is runs so fast. as an ofw every time I am going for vacation there are some new things about my kids. I miss their childhood.


  2. aaaw… yours was a lot harder than mine. You know I always have this \”mommy guilt\” being a working mom not having enough time or my kid. Situation like this makes me realize that, sacrifices need to be made for our family…


  3. i thought it's only me who thinks way way way ahead to the future when i look at my little princess. hmmmm, now i feel that i'm normal after all. LOL. 🙂


  4. @ Gee, yup! parents always thinks ahead. And time flies sooo very fast that before we knew it, our little ones were all grown up. Letting them be on their own was sure a tough situation, and all we can do is to walk with them in every chosen path giving unconditional acceptance and love.


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