Power of 3

Bouncing back here on my mommyBlog… although things we\’re not falling on their proper places- currently no yaya for my toddler, it\’s just the three of us and am really having hard time coping considering I have to render 8hours duty at work and do all house chores and patiently multi-tasking following a strict schedule while hubby also trying his very best to attend our CompShop concerns and at the same time taking care of our child. Whew! That\’s completely a big challenge allowing us to maximize our role as parents- hard as it may seem at first, but still we\’re having a blast being \’hands-on\’ for my child\’s needs.
And yes, \”time-management\” is the key and being supportive to one another nurturing our give and take relationship that makes us effectively handle this matter. =D

4 responses to “Power of 3”

  1. Hi… Um, it's been a while too since I've visited your blog. Nice to see you updating this one consistently. Sometimes you will experience lay-offs or mental blocks (some call it mental blacks, kasi black nalang naiisip mo.. haha) but once you find your wind again you gotta keep on going.I like the title, power of three. And I know you can do it. You and your family have been through a lot pero kayang kaya niyo pa. Gawa na rin akong blog ko.


  2. Ui, haha! Thanks for the visit! Cge, cge looking forward on your blog, i like the depth of 'powerful words' in your writings: \”so serious\”- parang hnd ikaw. =D


  3. Motherhood is one thing I am longing for. I hope someday I can have that challenges to make life more interesting! I'm one of your new follower, hope you follow me too and read my just nothing stuff! Kudos to you!


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