Versatile Blogger Award

    Delayed reactions are normal part of  life, but having it too often was quite unacceptable and can disappoint not only people around you but also your own self. Many times I found myself realizing about how i felt or reacted about today\’s happenings until an hour/days had passed and sadly when the excitement has completely blown away!
As for today, glad there\’s NO delayed reaction for this one. Special Thanks to Danielle from The Mommy Chronicles for giving my first ever blog award:
Having awarded as a versatile blogger means you have the ability and skills of embracing variety of subjects which is useful and interesting to read. 
Now, I am passing this award to these bloggers that I usually visit for their interesting stories:
For those I have passed on this award, here\’s what you should do next:
Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
      Here\’s mine:
  1. I have a deep emotions over things or what you call  \’sentimental-value\’, it also reflects my deep appreciation for the persons who become  part of my life.
  2.  I think it wasn\’t very rude having \’short attention-span\’ for things I don\’t really care of,  normally that\’s how it goes! So, I now having a hard time doing things I doesn\’t feel like doing but needs to be done. =(
  3. A compulsive buyer (sometimes!)
  4. Struggling to be a frugal Mom, giving  more meaning to Citi\’s \’Saving while Spending\’ ad.
  5. Reading makes me feel relaxed.
  6. Loves cross-stitching but finds no time to finish what I have started. Sadly 24hrs in a day wasn\’t enough- have to do house chores, child-care and playtime, need to go to work, sleep, cook, look-around and learn, etc., etc.,… Maybe I can accomplish this during my retirement age? (Goodluck!)
  7. Tired of wearing Contact Lens! (Hi to  LASIK Eye Surgery on my wish list, waiting list and soon to be crossed-out on my list?! Uhuhu…sigh*)
    – PASS Along to 15 Bloggers who you recently discovered and think are fabulous.
    – Contact the bloggers you chose and let them know about the award.
    Congratulations! Pass along… Cheers!

    10 responses to “Versatile Blogger Award”

    1. Congrats on this award and thank you for including my site. You know what, it's been a long since I blog hopped, this award made my night.I'm going to post it asap.:)


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