Feeling lucky!

I seldom join blog contests/ giveaways thinking I wasn\’t lucky enough to win coz I am not really \’that\’ lucky when it comes to winning raffle prizes. Be it on our company\’s Xmas party or any which requires raffle tickets. I keep telling myself that I am at far on winning, but deep down inside silently wishing to have a goodluck.(harhar).
But now, a sudden change of luck finally comes my way… I joined  Written by Mys  Domain Name Give Away Contest and… tadaaa~ I won! Yup! I won! ~ This definitely something that  will keep me really inspired on blogging and trying my luck.
Got really surprised to see this comment from Mys:
Guess how many times I read this one over and over until it finally sinks in,
my .com domain is transferred from godaddy and Mys really help me get started on how to set-up my blogger custom domain.
And here it is: my Mommytots.com. Ye\’y!

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