Enchanted Kingdom Entrace Fee

Take a break,  leave your worries behind and be engrosed in the area of fun at Enchanted Kingdom! Go  check their UPDATED rates here.
EK never ceased to bring fun, amusement and entertainment to people at all ages. It was my first time to visit the park, and I enjoyed taking pictures and joining my toddler on rides for his  Junior Pass ticket, im a bit disappointed though concluding that weekends weren\’t the best day to go there considering a high volume of people who happens to visit during Saturdays and Sundays.
That\’s how it normally goes, but the sad part~ as we approach the parking area, there\’s Bus 1, 2, 3…. and I think it ends up to 12 buses?! Whoa! Field Trip?!
So here\’s our fate: we waited up to 20 min. or even more, just to have our turn for every ride. We ended up taking only the Grand Carousel ride for two times, the train and Dinosaur ride. What we do next is walk along the park zones, take pictures, enjoyed exploring the area and  we truly felt the fun-filled magic and excitement in the air!

But  here\’s the  good part~ we\’re able to avail the 20% Discount Rate for Government Employees. Ye\’y! If you are planning to go there, check out their Park Schedule first.

As for me, I was planning to go back and fully enjoy all the rides available, yup! I think  I wanted to try all even the \”EKstreme ride\” its  breath taking, you\’ll feel a  sudden rush and its heart stomping, letting you feel the power of gravity. I know coz I\’ve already experienced such ride in Leofoo Village in Hsinchu, Taiwan. I can say that the rides in Leofoo was way much exciting compared to EK, much on heights and twists, so im confident that I can take it all… Ahaha! Apir!


6 responses to “Enchanted Kingdom Entrace Fee”

  1. That's sounds fun. Btw, sis, paki fix sa badge ko sa sidebar mo kasi parang kulng ng ganito < kaya na broken and code. Ill grab your badge now. thanks for grabbing my badge


  2. Ilang beses na ako nagpapabalk-balik sa Santa Rosa pero di pa ako napunta d'yan sa EK.Makakagala rin ako d'yan. 🙂 Hassle nga lang kung sobrang daming tao. Maganda pumunta d'yan kapag June, kasi di pa kasagsagan ng fieldtrips noon.Ang tapang n'yo ah. Walang kinatatakutang rides.


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