Passport Renewal

Finally, I managed to take time renewing my passport that was expired for two years. We don\’t have any plan going out of the country, but I think its a necessity for me to have a renewal (who knows, we might?!) better be prepared than having a last minute process and rush things.

I already set an online appointment,  I scheduled it  January next year and choose the earliest time available. Done printing my appointment confirmation, what i have to do next is to photocopy my old passport (pages 1-3 and last), ID\’s, and a copy of:
\”Marriage Contract (MC) in Security Paper issued by NSO and Certified True Copy issued by the Local Civil Registrar if MC secpa is unreadable.\” I needed to present this one coz my old passport was way back when I was still single.

But hey, I also decided to apply for my toddler… I\’ll bring him with me when I go out to have our Passport size ID pic  taken. That was a last minute decision, on hopeful wishing that we could use our passport 1 or 2 years from now. I better start setting aside a substantial amount of money every payday for this future vacay.  
And so from now on, I\’ll be cutting out unnecessary purchases avoiding buying on impulse and save, save, save! 


12 responses to “Passport Renewal”

  1. we just had our passports renewed too, well, during the first quarter of this year. we also had our son applied as we do have plans of going abroad. there were no more fixers present, everything was done by the DFA, even the mugshot for the passport. you passports will have electronic chips already. wow!


  2. can't seem to find your tagboard anywhere so anyways lemme just comment here so i just wanted to say that i dropped by and TY for visiting my blog pls do visit more often:]


  3. Di ko lang sure kung kailangan ng personal appreance ng minor. Sabi kasi sa site, mother lang daw… kaya lang pano yung picture for the passport? I'll ask a friend and let you know. Kaka-apply lang nya for her new baby.


  4. Hi thanks for following my blog, I added you on my links!!! Anyway I think it's a good move that you are going to get your passport soon. I got mine right after our graduation in college because I wanted to work abroad. It was a hassle pa nga because the line was so loooooong but I'm glad tapos na. Ingat!


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