Cheap Laser Hair Removal

I searched online for the cheapest upper lip Laser treatment, and found Godiva Skin Station. I called up immediately and learned that  the franchise was no longer under Godiva but  \’Belmere Skin Centre\’. Anyways, they offer Harmony Laser Treatment package~ a promo for 6 sessions of UL Harmony Laser Treatment for 6k! 
That\’s the lowest offer so far compared to IPL Laser at Belo which cost 2,000+/session (have tried it twice). I scheduled my visit right away after inquiring via phone. Ooops! late blog post. I have availed this promo 3 days ago. An irresistable offer coz it comes with  a free session of Diamond Peel!

A good catch, right? 1,000/session of Harmony plus Diamond Peel = a great deal. I just have to wait and see if it will give me great results.

Harmony Laser is pain-free treatment that feels similar to a \”hot stone massage\”. I don\’t feel guilty for availing this, but feels really good taking some time to soothe myself for things which I think a necessity for me.

Belmere\’s advice was to \”Take some time to relax, to rejuvenate, to restore…\” ahihi… Its a haven for the \”Beautiful Mom\”, also perfectly suited for those who just want a beauty break.  Now thats a christmas break and a gift rolled into one… Y\’ey!

7 responses to “Cheap Laser Hair Removal”

  1. Welcome! hurry mommy, I don't know until when the promo period is, check out Belmere at 2nd Flr, Aurora Bldg. Alabang-Zapote Road. Sa may Abenson. =D


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