Happy 2011

Here comes New Year\’s Eve… would i wear make-up, a dress in polka dots print, prepare  coins making sure I have them in my pocket and jump really high when clock strikes at 12 ?
Well, those were the times that all I have to do was to make sure I welcome another year with glam as they say so I will have a full year of beauty, prosperity and goodluck! But now, all I was thinking was my grocery list and how am gonna prepare food for the three of us plus my B\’s ate who is taking good care of him.
Since I have work tomorrow.. on the 31st until 6pm, im gonna buy what\’s on my list later and cook my carbonara sauce tonight. We\’ll be having creamy carbonara, Piña Ham, chocolate cake and fruits for media noche. That\’s less cooking for me! coz the sad part is~ I have to sleep right after our small celebration because I have to report for work at 6am. (Goodluck!)
Well, I better enjoy and welcome this coming year with a positive outlook in life (than hating my not-so-good sked). Appreciating what I have and being continously  thankful for family\’s good health, work and blessings   leading us to a Happy 2011.

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