Winners on Jaypee\’s $3,500+ Christmas Giveaway

        A Happy 2011 to everyone especially to those who won on  Jaypee\’s $3,500+ Christmas Giveaway. Many thanks to Jaypee and the sponsors, luckily I am one of the 6 winners of 1-year domain courtesy of Jehzeel Laurente. Definitely a cheerful start welcoming this year\’s  upcoming blessings. 

Again, Congratulations to all the winners. Although I can be more delighted to see my name on the \’5 Globe Tattoo USB dongles\’ list of winners (ahaha!) but i\’m loving it,  getting freebies was so exciting and fun. Anyways, there were more blog giveaways/ contests to join this year. This was just a head start of all the upcoming opps, so keep on  joining…

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