Hepa A booster

For almost 3 years, I\’m proud to say that I have been carefully following B\’s immunization schedule and haven\’t miss any. Since I\’m on a shifting schedule, I have no time to avail the free vacc offered by our Public Health Center. In that case, all the immunization vacc of my B was on private clinic performed by his Pedia. 
A common question,  \”Is there a need for Hepatitis A booster?\” After availing of the full primary vacc of Hepa A, I personally think that there\’s still  a long term need of  immunity and protection against Hepatitis A virus (HAV). Providing the best and listening to Pedia\’s recommendation was my top priority adding up  the costs  to our basic expenses. 
We are scheduled to have B\’s booster 2nd week this month that would cost  Php1,700 and will inquire on what\’s next  for him coz he\’s turning 3 on the 3rd week, will also confirm if  DTAP vacc will be included. I\’ve double check on B\’s Immunization Scheduler and we\’re on the right track. (thums up!)
Here\’s a must read: 
\”Although one dose of vaccine provides at least short-term protection, the manufacturers currently recommend two doses to ensure long-term protection. In studies evaluating the duration of protection of two or more doses of hepatitis A vaccine, 99%–100% of vaccinated individuals had levels of antibody indicative of protection five to eight years after vaccination. 

Kinetic models of antibody decay indicate that the duration of protection is likely to be at least 20 years, and possibly lifelong. Post-marketing surveillance studies are needed to monitor vaccine-induced long-term protection, and to determine the need for booster doses of vaccine. This is especially true in areas of low disease endemicity where natural boosting does not occur.\” source: Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals


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