Passport Renewal 2

Done on renewing my passport and at the same time updating my status. I was satisfied by the way DFA handles the process,  compared before this time its fast and easy, the new office was more sophisticated, convenient, and cozy for applicants waiting in line.
Have doubled check my requirements for my Change Status and renewal
  1. Old passport and photocopy of pages 1,2,3 (amendments/visa) and last page. 
  2. Original and photocopy of  Marriage Certificate from NSO.
  3. Original and photocopy of Marriage Contract: Certified True Copy issued by the Local Civil Registrar. (Make sure to photocopy all the required, in-house copier cost Php3).

I arrived 1 hour before my scheduled appointment. As early as 7am I start with the whole process which as follows:
  • Appointment Verification – hand over your filled up epassport  application form on verification desk before entering.
  • STEP 1. Processing and Documents evaluation
    • You are asked to line up, sit down and wait. They started to open 23 evaluation windows as early as 7:20am. And there\’s someone who will advise on what number of window is next. 
  • STEP2. Payment/ Cashier on 2nd Floor
    • Processing fee: Express: Php1,200 (10 days)/ Regular: Php 950 (20 days). Date of issue for today\’s process was posted on windows. 
    • you\’ll be given your assigned number for Data Capturing after paying.
  • STEP3. Data Capturing 
    • While waiting for your number to show up on screen, pay Php120 if you choose to have your passport delivered to your home.
    • Look for the designated desk when your number appears. This is where your photo, thumbmarks, and signature will be captured. I was ask to take off my earrings and make sure my ears were visible and make a \’mona lisa\’ smile (no showing of teeth).
  • STEP 4. Courier Service (optional)    
    •  Line up to provide your shipper\’s information if you choose passport delivery service.
    • If you choose not to, go back to DFA office (10/20 days) of the posted date of Issue with your receipt for pick-up of your passport.
Thats it! I finished the whole process choosing Passport Delivery and went out at exactly 8:20 am. Now that\’s less time consuming, a faster transaction. NO Need to bring photos that is why strict compliance of personal appearance is observed, this applies to all passport applicants aging from 0 years old onwards.
I have to mention that there\’s a special lane for Government Employees and Infants located at the 2nd floor, in which I did not avail (i\’m  gov\’t employee…fyi). Just to try out their normal processing.hehe
Anyways I will avail of that privilege the next time for B\’s passport processing. We are supposed to process the same day but hubby advised to process B\’s just next time… we\’re not in a hurry so i agreed thinking I could go in baclaran market and shop.
So I went directly from Macapagal to baclaran for a  party supplies hunting to complete my B\’s Ben10 Party theme on his upcoming 3rd birthday.

8 responses to “Passport Renewal 2”

  1. when we had our passports renewed last february, the DFA Cebu office was still a mess! they were still starting with their new system. although it was an easy system too (and much faster), the office was still not cozy and it very humid inside!! yeah, i hope all the government services be efficient and all… glad to be here!


  2. @ Pinx, its really good to know that we are in the process of modernizing and rendering efficient service. I could only imagine that time will come, we can proudly say that \”this is where our taxes go\”.


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  4. Hi Mommy Tots! My hubby's nick is Tots. Hihi, ang saya! And I'm a government worker too with an NGA based here Bacolod. Thanks for dropping by and following my fitness blog. My main gushes are at Nshima Servings. Followed you back! 🙂 And adding you to my blogroll so I can blog hop more often.


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