Hot Game\’s Hot Sauce

This post brought to you by TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

A highschool friend of mine status\’ in FB today was this: \”I\’m ready for some football, the entire fam is geared up in steelers outfit including Kamy (her toddler). So lets go Pittsburgh!!!\”
Her status reminded me that its football season already and the traditional gatherings of watching it with the whole bunch of fam and friends pops in my mind. From the ordinary, up to super bowl\’s intensity leading to a hot game.
What will make this tradition hotter is when you serve your home made Italian Sausage Pizza Perfected using TABASCO® Original Red which enhances the flavor of food.
Check out Italian Sausage recipe here or browse other recipe for your Game-Day Party Menu. Try any of these recipe and discover how McIlhenny\’s unlocking of flavor  heats up  the taste of food that  simply guarantees that this was \”So Much More than Hot\” adding more excitement to your football home experience.

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