Ear Doc: A solution for Ear Infection

My oldest brother who\’s now 35 years old has a partial  hearing impairment. Mama says that he wasn\’t born with this condition, his hearing problem arises when he was 6. The story was this: \”They went for a swim then brother got some amount of sea water trapped on his ears\” and the rest was history.
Based from what I recall from my mother\’s story, brother doesn\’t complain about any ear pain and discomfort after they tried several ways on how to get the water out of his ear. As we all know, ear infection can be treated if any build-up was removed, sadly they thought that fluid was completely drained but mother was wrong.

When I received this EarDoc for review, I lend it to my brother and he uses it after reading all the infos from the box. And with a slight feeling of regret he utters: \”If only we had this, when that incident happens\”.  Well, definitely a lesson learned (*sigh)…

The eardoc was safe and easy to use. Here\’s a vid of my toddler demonstrating simple use of this product:

EarDoc guarantees a fastest way to treat ear infections a must have for:

  • Otitis Media
  • Swimmers ear Hearing loss
  • Trapped fluids and gas in the middle ear
  • Eaustachian Tube Dysfunction
  • Air Travelers
  • Divers
  • Swimmers
Watch this for visual explanation: 

Im glad to own one and i\’ll include this in my First Aid Kit, always ready when the need arises!
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