Ben 10 Party Theme

We celebrated B\’s 3rd Birthday last week, the green day! Why? Its Ben 10 Party theme from  hats, balloons, banner, loot bags, and cake. I even bought him a pair of sando and shorts with Ben 10 character for that special ocassion. 
I never thought that Ben 10 would be our party theme because he is hooked into Toy Story movie marathon months before his birthday. So?  I really thought he\’d pick Buzz light year and was prepared to choose  any of  Toy Story character cakes. But when I brought him to goldilocks to let him choose the design, he refuses and says its not Buzz but Ben 10 will be the main character of his birthday. (Yup! I allow him to choose even at this very young age!)
Three days before the event I went to Red Ribbon (goldilocks don\’t have Ben10 design) to order that Ben 10 cake. I never knew that their character design can also include a picture of the celebrant, so I went back with 4r pic size of B. ( a picture cake! Yipeee…)
Here it was:  
flavor : Chocolate
icing : Boiled Icing
serving : 24
size : 8\”x12\”
Php 1,050.00
Its a big success! 
The kids enjoyed their lootbags:

Have their balloons:

Party Hats: (Hello Kitty for girls)

I love the Table Cover from Toy Kingdom @Php89:

Its a simple celebration, picture takings,  the ceremonial  singing \”Happy Birthday to you\” and then blowing of candle. After giving kids  their lootbags,  they eat and go! Sorry… my apologies for not even bothered to host a party games for the kiddos.

I did not prepare any games for the kids because my plan was just a small celebration and I think they\’re happy enough  to bring home a balloon and a lootbag containing a small toy, cotton candy, pops, chocolate coins and assorted candies.

And the day after, there goes a repeat performance  of candle blowing: 
Its indeed a Happy happy Birthday!

9 responses to “Ben 10 Party Theme”

  1. my kids would have loved to be at this party. even my girls are Ben10 fans. it's right to let your little one choose what he wants. that's good for him. nice celebration for your little boy!


  2. hi! where did you buy your table cloth and balloons? is so nice and cool! im planning to celebrate my sons birthday and i would like to have ben ten as party theme. can you tell where can i buy those stuff? thank you so much…=)


  3. I bought the balloons along with party hats and loot bags at Baclaran and the tablecloth from Toy Kingdom at SouthMall, Las Piñas. =)


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