Pag-ibig Seminar

Got very busy lately attending to too many responsibilities and decisions to be made. Hah!
Anyways, first thing today I wanted to share my yesterday\’s long day activity. (oh, was it?!). Have attended Pag-ibig Housing Loan Seminar yesterday. I should have attended the first batch which is 8AM for Retail Account at Atrium but got stucked up before we can even get to  Makati Ave. because unfortunately GT Express\’ driver caught by traffic enforcer, guess what? driving without license. Oh what a crap! What  was he thinking?
I can no longer wait for any settlement between them, that 15min. delay really hurts my sked, decided to take a cab to quickly arrive to my destination. I got there 20 min. late and they no longer accepted me in. How frustrating that I have to wait for the next session at 1PM. Rather than going back on another seminar sked, I patiently wait, eat, roam around the bldg., sit and watch TV at their Ground Floor\’s office and even attended 12pm mass and alas! its 1pm already… Ye\’y!
I registered and the Seminar Counselor distributed MSVS (Membership Status Verification Slip) Form. The Retail Account video presentation lasted for about 40min., Question and answer portion, and then they gave back the MSVS for NCR location, 7days for those who are applying for Provincial Area. We are advise to go to Room 110 at Ground Floor to submit our MSVS for verification if had any doubt about our contributions, but if we are confident that there\’s no problem in our membership, then just come back at Verification Office along with our duly accomplished requirements to save up time.
And that\’s it! I went home… my entire day was spent at Makati for a long wait and  1 and a half  hour seminar. Then its up to me when to accomplished all the required docs.
Goodluck to me =D

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