Social Spark v2 Proof of Payment

I successfully transferred my earnings from Social Spark v2 to my BDO savings account via paypal. I was eager to try cashing out my funds, so even if I will be charged 200 point fee for withdrawals under 5,000 points I aggresively continue with my transaction. 

I completed 3 offers which cost 1,500 points each and decided to withdraw my earnings. I cash out funds leaving 200 points balance for future withdrawals…
This is my first to try monetizing this blog and im really thankful and excited for more offers to come.. 

12 responses to “Social Spark v2 Proof of Payment”

  1. Found you on entrecard.I'm also following you! Congratulations! :-)Would ❤ to hear from you too! Best Regards! The Chic & Sassy Homemaker


  2. Hi, I'm currently have an opportunity with socialspark but I'm not sure if it's safe…. I mean to post through their own tool and not in the blog.. 😦 Anyways good to know that they're really paying..


  3. Hi Dess! i assure you that is safe to use their tool in posting if you accept the task being offered, that's how it works. Once your post is reviewed and approved by advertiser, it automatically published in your blog.


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