Annual Pap Smear

Sometimes we tend to just ignore some common health issues especially on Women\’s annual health check-ups. In celebration of Women\’s Month may we remind ourselves to take time and be aware that no one can predict  who can be the victim of cervical cancer. 
Papanicolaou tests, or Pap smears should be performed every year and its the most important thing that we can do to protect ourselves from developing cervical cancer.
I\’m married for three years and  I  had my very first  Pap smear test just yesterday. Yeah, i admit i\’m just too lazy to take time going to my OBGyne for the test, so I am  feeling guilty of how irresponsible I am for my own health but from now on, i promised to do it regularly which is every year, anyway it was just Php 385 and I can reimburse the amount from our Company\’s Health Care Benefit.
 The procedure will take about  30 minutes (or less) of your time. So just like what I have done, im encouraging you to take time, and  have regular Pap Smear! Go, go, go… =)

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