Banahaw Heals Spa Muntinlupa Branch

I realized i\’ve written just 1 blog post for this month, so here\’s another to make it 2 (hehe). I find it hard to stay focus nowadays thinking of home, family, and real estate concerns. Not really feeling good and found nothing exciting to blog about =(

I have had my share of heavy loads that kept sinking on me for these past few weeks. So here\’s my story: One day (which happens to be my day off from work). I aggresively decided to have that 1-hour full body massage that i\’d been planning to experience for a very long time. (Yep, my first time ever!). Which I think I deserve to have regularly. Not to mention that I badly needed that massage coz I accidentally tripped and fell down the stairs days before I managed to go for my 5-in1 Full body massage at Banahaw Heals Spa.

 Without further thinking, I pay for lifetime membership which cost me Php500 to avail of discounts and promos exclusive for members which I can also share to my family. Yep! My privileges as a member can be availed and extend to my family. A good deal, isn\’t it? So every  visit will just cost us Php100 instead of Php250. Its 15min. away from home so its very convenient to avail and take time to relax. Body massage promotes good blood circulation and helps to ease stress and tension.

Taking some time and spending your money for that 1 hour relaxation escape was really worth it. Below are some pix of Banahaw Heals Spa in Munt. Tunasan Branch.

Photos from Banahaw Heals Spa FB account
\”The Mystic healing of Mt. Banahaw is now in our hands\”

For appointments, you can call  341-41-20 or text: 0922-8694120

22 responses to “Banahaw Heals Spa Muntinlupa Branch”

  1. you're also from Muntinlupa pala, mommy? I just live here in Sto. Nino Village (near Pepsi plant). I believe I've seen this but never been here. ayos ba service nila?


  2. Ay, tlg? Sto. Niño Village din ako Phase2 =) across SM Tunasan yan Branch na yan, pero meron din sila sa Bayan. Ok nman service, u better try, and malapit lng…


  3. try the new Banahaw spa near Alabang Hills they just open last october 10 and their services are really good as well their therapist i enjoy going to that spa, the ambiance is really quite and you can relax. this is their fb account office mates and I enjoys the service since they are new they have a lot of freebies like free membership card. their receptionist and therapist are also accommodating


  4. Of course, you might have your own preferences. Each person's idea of ideal day spa would differ from the rest. Whether you prefer using a health facility or would like to stay at home and use your home spa, the important thing to remember is to observe the day without fail. massage Guildford


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