Toothpaste for Toddler

My B finally finish off a small tube of   Sansflou toothpaste  after 8 months of using and now its  time to have another one. Yep! the small tube lasted that long for I only give him half of the recommended \”small pea-sized\” amount. I have tried several kiddie toothpaste but he never really like its fruity taste, until I tried this one.
Sansfluo with B\’s Frog toothbrush
 Its a toothgel cleanser for children  0-6 years and it comes in orange and strawberry flavor. Its a perfect choice for me, its all in: No artificial coloring, non foaming, no harmful preservatives and safe to swallow. B really loves brushing with this one coz of its natural taste.
I bought it from Mercury Drug for only  Php91.25. I personally recommend this must try product. See below for  details: 

5 responses to “Toothpaste for Toddler”

  1. thanks for the other options of baby toothpaste, i got one from my son too.. but never tried this brand, i might look for one at walmart…


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