Mother\’s Day Treat: Black Forest from Krispy Kreme

Yep. Krispy Kreme  offers additional flavor for the whole mother\’s month. Its the  all time favorite classic much loved flavor, Black Forest!

\”Your favorite doughnut with rich raspberry filling dipped in creamy  vanilla icing sprinkled with premium chocolate  curls topped with sweet cherry.\”

Its a special treat for Mom, a perfect gift idea that will surely liked and appreciated. The last sweet treat that I remember giving to my Mom was last year\’s Hearts day when I gave her a piece of heart shaped doughnut that was put in elegant box full of cute hearts design. I sent that thru my father and I wonder if it serves as his own gift to her… Hah!

Anyways, now that Mama was staying in our house for a visit, I think I better grab a dozen of Krispy Kreme Black Forest as a gift. But i\’m having a second thought… I think she might want to have a cash gift instead. hehe. How about you, what\’s your gift to your mom? 
As for me i am not expecting much, although i wish my son could be as thoughtful and as sweet like others,  its ok if he turns out to be not-so-romantic when it comes to gift giving as long as he grows up  giving mommy \’just enough\’ headaches and trouble. (yay!)

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