EastWest Bank HOT PROMO!

I have been using my EastWest Bank Dolce Vita MasterCard for a year already, this plastic money never fails me during emergency purchases and bills payment. It also never fails to give a FREE food item that corresponds to a spent requirement indicated on their promo. 
I always make a comparison between my husband\’s CC and mine, and to no surprise, I always beat him  on my card\’s freebies. Now I\’m gonna tell him about this  latest HOT PROMO, a FREE Gadget when you apply for an EastWest Bank Credit Card with Balance Transfer at 0.99% add-on-rate per month.
Qualified EastWest Bank Credit Cardholder (“Promo Cardholder”) shall be entitled to the corresponding FREE iPod Nano, iPod Touch or iPad gadget based on the Approved Balance Transfer Amount (“Promo Offer”):
    Approved Principal Balance Transfer Amount FREE Gadget
    Php50,000 iPod Nano
    Php70,000 iPod Touch
    Php140,000 iPad
All I plan to happen is  that my husband will apply for his own CC at EastWest Bank and also apply for a Balance Transfer within the Promo Period and aim for that iPod Touch! That would be a perfect  replacement for  my Samsung S5233W (serves as my music player) that turns out to be useless after it accidentally landed on my B\’s potty half full of wee-wees. 
Well, let\’s all  see if I\’m good at planning =)
NOTE:  Transfer balance, stop buying anything with the credit card, and then pay off as quick as you can.

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