Page Rank… Finally!

Tomorrow is my husband\’s 32nd birthday, but I have something else to celebrate before that , ask me what?! (please?). Well, this one and only blog of mine already reached Google PR 2 which  means that it was fully indexed by google and created a web presence and some what popular! Yipeee!!!

I was thankful enough for reaching a score of 2 out of 10 though I cannot promise to maintain my page rank coz of other offline chaos to attend. But I am keeping in mind  on continuously creating valuable content and be able to share new finds and infos to my visitors.

2 responses to “Page Rank… Finally!”

  1. Cheers to that!!! Congratulations 🙂 I was surprised too this morning that I got a page rank. I've had it at zero for like forever haha… but then this morning I was so surprised to see 1 in it 😀 2 is better but I am already very happy and contented with 1 😀 … can't make promises too that I will be able to maintain it. But we'll hope for the best, ayt? 😉Spanish Pinay


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