The Skin Shop Cosmetics, Specialized in B.B. Cream

Koreans  are blessed to have flawless white skin which are envied by some of us, that\’s why the use of pearl cream (chin chan su?) becomes popular way…. way, back. I remember sneaking on my sister\’s cosmetics to try her pearl cream which ended up to not-so adorable look because of uneven application. (yay!)
Now, Beauty Magician, The Skin Shop introduces BB Cream or Blemish Balm cream which can easily help us hide  blemishes or scars and maintain radiant skin. All we have to do is find the BB product that will perfectly match our skin type and order online.  
The Skin Shop will always be with your throbbing heart about Skincare & Make-up.
What I am looking for is the one that can also whitens, has UV protection and also helps on early wrinkle improvement. Among the product line-up, I find the PREMIUM SECRET BB CREAM SPF37 well-suited for my skin care needs. Its a complete functional Cosmetics that makes dull skin into gleaming skin and protects from external harmful UV rays. 
It contains Porous powder that absorbs sebum effectively resulting in keeping silky skin texture it also contains Hyaluronic acid that gives moisture effect. No darkening and provides sebum control. Yup! I think that\’s The ultimate Solution in artistic skin make-up by The Skin Shop providing a natural radiant glow. Nature of the natural beauty cosmetic is what it offers.
To see for yourself and learn more, visit The Skin Shop on facebook and twitter and aim for that Korean  skin care secret!

2 responses to “The Skin Shop Cosmetics, Specialized in B.B. Cream”

  1. thanks for this info. next time ill be using this, hope this one really works to give more confidence.- its me sam


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