Web Design

I am planning to take short course on  Web design and development, I recently inquire about the class schedule which can be completed for a 1 week period for 8 hours a day. But as of this time I cannot pursue this plan because of conflict on my work schedule, I have to file 4days leave of absence plus use my two days off. 
As for now I am convince that I cannot actually push this thru  so I am thinking of getting into Internet marketing instead. Some of my friends are online re-seller of various products and I am gaining a lot of good feedback. So if i were to put up my own business online, I will  be needing services to creatively introduce my business and promotional help from  atlanta web design which also offers maintaining my site at very affordable rate. I admit I will be needing a lot of help in terms of Web site design, development, hosting, and e-commerce which are essentials on creating an online store. 
I need experts!

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