SM Toddler Power

I can tell that my toddler had a lot of fun and enjoyed play school coz he\’s hyperenergetic from the start to end of class. He doesn\’t behave the way others did! well, boys are boys; he happens to be extra active among others. You can never ignore his presence!
Day 2 at Toddler Power
Lesson for the day was identifying parts of the face:

We had a bonding moment doing art craft using colored pens, art paper, glue  and brown bag. Look what we made without the use of scissors (must bring list doesn\’t include any):

And he received 3 stars that says \”I did a good job today\” for answering Teacher\’s questions:

I realized  that I have a high-spirited toddler, and should focus more on his  positive   features and strengths rather than make him feel as the \”bad boy\” for initiating play-fight. I think his Ben 10 character mode is on =)

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