Tablets for 2

My Organizer notes contain a single page of \”My wish list\” of items which are crossed out one by one; not all for the reason of having it, but sometimes for the very reason that its impossible and not practical to buy. Like anyone else, those items are electronic gadgets considered to be essentials in our everyday life.
The hottest tablet on the market today- Apple iPad 2  ranks number one from my list! accessories like leather sleeve, iPad 2 screen protectors, and cleaning kit will surely be next in line to buy after I crossed out my top item. While I continue dreaming of having this, husband declares that his Christmas must-buy gift for himself was Samsung Galaxy tab, he says it  fits  perfectly for his hand.

Apple iPad 2 / Samsung Galaxy Tab

Well,  I guess our quest for this cool gadget is already on! That\’s a make or break situation for us considering the budget. Whatever the outcome, no hard feelings…alright?


5 responses to “Tablets for 2”

  1. I'm not a big fan of the iPad, but do like the Android pads! Good luck and I hope you both get what you want!Don


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