JobMob Guest Blogging Contest

Joining blog contest is fun and  exciting! It  gives you something to look forward to, and when the day of announcement of winners arrived; (admit it) you\’re  eager to check your mail and silently wished your name was included from the list… Well, that\’s merely taken from my own experience and luckily, out of 5 or 7? blog contests that I joined, I have won twice. =)
I had my own blog contest giveaway  before and its quite a success but I think I need to focus more on  advertisement and promotion for the next time. There\’s so much more to learn here in blogosphere and honestly, i\’m enjoying the process! Guest blogging would be my next assignment and must do, but i\’m a bit  skeptical about it thinking it requires more on writer\’s skills and i don\’t really consider myself having the expertise of one. This blog is just my way of  sharing things that i think would be useful to others, so i\’m thankful enough to have reached PR2 that inspires me to strive and come out for more informative posts.
Anyways, i know someday i can proudly be one of those \”guest bloggers\” and gain more exposure that can widen my network. As for now, I will just share this JobMob guest blogging contest  that i found; its their 5th annual guest blog contest with over $4000 in prizes, only 25 guest blogging slots available and as of this time, there are only 20 spots and 8 days left for you to join.
I won\’t frustrate myself by joining coz i haven\’t even completed any published guest blog post so I just came to spread the word and wish goodluck for those guest bloggers that will join! This would be a great challenge and opportunity that i will surely have in time… at the right time. (*wink)

3 responses to “JobMob Guest Blogging Contest”

  1. @SP, yup! there wasn't enough time for working moms like us but I'm thankful enough I have managed to maintain a blog and somewhat becomes my way of recreation activity.@Josie, lack of self confidence I guess, or maybe SP is right! we'll be surprised with our ability so there's no harm in trying. I remember way back in grade school I was sent to Inter-division Essay writing Contest and I feel intimidated right before it began. I think I will fail and my thinking turned out right… so we'd better be thinking positively. =)


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