Be a Social Spark publisher!

Since i\’ve joined Social Spark v2, I began accepting numerous leads that ended up to 4 received and completed offers. Its my small way of monetizing this blog and  after I tried cashing out funds, to my delight; I encouraged my blogger friends (esp. my college classmate) to  join. 
For newbie, here\’s a few tips from IZEA get some ideas on how it works:
  • Each point is worth one penny. So, if there\’s an offer worth 500 points, it\’s worth USD $5.00.
  • Leads are used to show an advertiser that you\’re interested in one of their Opps. Accepting a lead won\’t necessarily get you an offer, but it\’ll let the advertiser know you\’re interested.
  • Advertisers approve content before it goes live on your blog. So, you\’ll enter your content in SocialSpark first.
  • You have the ability to cash out your account whenever you have a balance. However, keep in mind that there is a $2 fee to cash out any balance below $50 (5,000 points). 
  •  Direct Publishing enables SocialSpark to directly publish your advertiser-approved content via your blog\’s API, instead of you entering that content into your blog yourself. We will never publish any content to your blog that you haven\’t written.
  • Wondering when a post will publish? Look for the publish date where the offer is listed in the Taken Opps tab on your Publisher Dashboard. The publish date will also be mentioned in your post approval email notification.
  • Blogs with Google Analytics enabled earn 8.5x more dollars on average? Click on your properties under the account tab to set it up.
Offers don\’t come often so just  be patient and accept when it comes! and here\’s a quick tip from me\”—> \”Never decline!\” {hehe).

6 responses to “Be a Social Spark publisher!”

  1. O? well, waiting is like forever sa umpisa, actually ung sa akin puro leads then afer magkakasunod na 3 offers. wait…wait… then came my 4th opp.


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